Top 10 reasons to consider a L'il Buzzard, L'il Hustler or $150.00. Marc Becker summarized, “The 915iS is about 12 kilos (26 pounds) more for the engine only; 40-50 more pounds when installed and about €3,000 ($3,750 at today’s exchange rates) more than the 914.”. This decision can be reversed. Availability: In stock. Rotax 912 UL/A/F. and ROTAX factory in Gunskirchen, Austria. This website uses cookies to manage authentication, navigation, and other functions. Part # Description Price Buy; 927 410: 927 410 WASHER 10,5: $0.57. Availability: In stock. 929 115: 929 115 Threaded bushing, new style 912 cases, when out use 929 116: 6��qh�Jv��M���T�WɎC�&� 912iS Series; 4-Stroke 912/914 Series; 2-Stroke Parts 447UL, 503UL, 582UL; LEAF Technical References. New ROTAX Engines ROTAX® Repairs Genuine ROTAX® Parts. It does come with a few costs, as did the 912iS fuel injected engine compared to the 912ULS carbureted engine. Where as throttle 100%.turbocharger Applied ? The 912 ULS, by contrast, has a bore of 84mm, a displacement of 1352cc (with a compression ratio of 10.8:1), and is rated at 99hp. The new 912 UL S is a 100 HP* version of the certified 81 HP 912 engine, with the same external dimensions as the standard Rotax 912. I read Rotax 914 has 100 HP @100% throttle  Bore: 79.5 mm (3.13 in) Stroke: 61 mm (2.4 in) Displacement: 1,211.2 cc (73.91 cu in), Where as 912 ULS is 80HPBore: 79.5 mm (3.13 in)Stroke: 61 mm (2.40 in) Displacement: 1,211.2 cm3 (73.91 in3). While the 914 engine gets an additional 15 HP from turbocharging, the 915 represents Rotax’s first foray into intercooled turbocharging for a production aircraft engine. 28 850 ft 14 100 ft. 10 000 ft 12 000 ft 14 000 ft 16 000 ft 18 000 ft 20 000 ft 22 000 ft 24 000 ft 26 000 ft 28 000 ft 30 000 ft 32 000 ft Rotax 914 Turbo Rotax 912 ULS Ceiling. SB-912 i-008 R1/ 912-070 R1/ 914-052 R1. Introduced in 1996, the Rotax 914 is a turbocharged development of the Rotax 912. Part # Description Price Buy; 961 200: 961 200 912UL/914UL Diffuser: $15.44. FADEC control). Also, sections 3.6 through 3.9 of the same document give further insight. ROTAX® Engine Type 912 and 914 (Series). The 915 uses a similar engine control unit as the 912, but it was obviously tweaked to include a turbocharger wastegate controller and an automatic prop control. SB-912-067 SB-914-048 This SB supersedes and replaces SB-912-065 R2/ SB-914-046 R2 dated February 27, 2015. %�쏢 SportStar MAX RATE OF CLIMB. Have a look at the 914 Operators Manual (  see   ) Pages 2-2, 2-3 give the take-off vs. continous flight power ratings. Thanks, but 914 Turbocharger applied only on 115%. Rotax celebrates 100 years of dedication in its very own and special way with a limited edition of our popular Rotax 915 iS aircraft engines, designed for your heart and mind. Watch; ROTAX AVIATION MOTOR 912 912S 914 > GOVERNOR FLANGE # 810 293. Technical Documentation; Engine Manuals; Service Bulletins; ROTAX Classes; ROTAX Warranty Period Must be due to the turbocharger and lower compression ratio. m�L�����b����$E��� �Fj&υ����z��s�]J%U�#A@\{.� �?�FBl�!ȣ�乐�b��m�>ot�N���*��,V#U,� 5buQ��gnj��X�Ar�$�W�n������f�ڭtAQr���d9I��d9I��d9IVͲgTu�>N-�$�f��-�8gdTO�� YO�� YO�� �L����ۮ���$��wF�zt�l'�l�ڭM1��d7Iv�d7Iv�d7I��d?I��!�݈��$9��� L_L^��y��� �Ȏr��1�PG0��(y)E��X T ��$��g���~����'��2�{���rA/c� ��$���$���$y��C��:%� �؄�J�%���x'��t Rotax 297-656 Spark Plug Connector, for ROTAX® Engine Type 912 i, 912 and 914 (Series). Offering several advantages over a Rotax 914, like a considerably lower price tag, it was a worth considering option for our range. Rotax 912, Rotax 912 ULS, Rotax 914 aircraft engine fuel and torque specifications and data. You can find the official 914 specifications here:, To receive critical-to-safety information on your ROTAX Engine, please subscribe toROTAX-OWNER.COM. Email to a Friend. Rotax 914 UL/F 115 hp. %PDF-1.4 x��][�d��~�_Q/�E��/����݈�>`���������%�I:��{�f�$�A�����n�����n�I��2��_B��ʃT���iqJ賛����hO�Gn��O���V�烈l�Q��!�䌋��U�,L�}�Uʦ��5���ѥ�w�d�֡�]l��s������'�ץ����9��Iz�������6>}�~���UNN5�y��k�瞛Ϗ��2��l�^�s���&ۇ��zz�'t��V���.U��A������d/�㻏V�[aa![oY��}�:�6B��1DoS��G���$[? Why? The turbo charged Rotax 914 series offers more performance at high altitudes while keeping weight at a low level. You have declined cookies. This decision can be reversed. 915 iS (Series) Turbocharger Heat Shield Inspection. The Rotax 914 is a turbocharged version of the Rotax 912 engine, and the new Rotax 912iS engine is the latest engine from Rotax, with fuel injection and an engine management system (ie. ROTALK NEWS Episode 3Michael Smith's Rotax-Powered Searey Circumnavigation, the amazing Rotax-Powered Lockwood Aircam and Anthony Caere's chimpanzee rescue operations. Buy It Now. There is a SUPERSTOL flying with it in Bolivia. Rotax 912 iS Sport Limited Edition 100 hp. ��N�����b(h#�LBEu The numbers you cite are for the the 912 UL (and A/F). SB-915 i A-005, SB-915 i B-005 Inspection of turbocharger assy. Rotax admin requested for clearfication . Rotax 912(S) / 914 Crankcase, Camshaft - New; Rotax 912(S) / 914 Crankcase, Camshaft - New. Light Sport Aircraft Parts Information Airfield (by appointment ONLY) Click Here For More Light Sport Aircraft Parts Information. ��-P_G���H͵sh�-�][����pm����I��½�����E_i�.�^}8u�WX[��>ĺ��a#͹�T��m eh�5����E4��ޑ,���h��yY��7Q�̚�|��r=���X��(��ֹt'�R�L��-C�����C�����x�m��}�_?S^��R[��ب�e��z%��^I�W�����}��Z�o�sF��҇;��*z?��N��@H8*J�fA%D�!� ��n���e��4�#\���/G��T�"�(�[ Rotax 914 UL DCDI 115HP. "Traditional Engines" are the classic certified engines, "Non-Cert Four Strokes" includes the Rotax 912 and 914 series as well as other engines like the Jabiru. Beside the standard 912 UL 80hp, and the 912 ULS 100hp, we have added to our price list a new 120hp turbocharged 912. Re: 912 vs 914 If you fly with a 914 you have a more complex machine (turbo control unit, waste gate, pressure/temperature sensors in the air box, pressurized carburetors, turbo charger, fuel pressure monitor, electric fuel pumps etc.) Rotax has a service alert for a number of 912 engines to replace a certain run of fuel lines. Remove Cookies 4-stroke turbocharged engine specially developed for recreational aircraft. ROTALK NEWS Episode 4ROTAX's 915iS-powered Aquila A211 test aircraft, the Scheibe SF-25C Falke (first-ever 912-equipped aircraft!) ;y.$䅘缤�Һ4[��<9k/cWkӔ����'yb��\�C�R=?� Surprisingly though, I'd say the 914 UL is the smoothest out of the all of them. More Views. A turbocharged variant rated at 115 hp (86 kW), the Rotax 914, was introduced in 1996. �W���i�d_Bƶ*���僦��Ʈ������p'w�E[��Low_�����3�߾ͺ���_����|��&-� ,�x1,��&���p�;4�#����@�ςh��k�F�ebZߊ�h�AP��乒���ER�Mӗ Kaq~`qUD�@S�b'}Wa�1*�p��H�Ut���M*�P�F� ?���IU^Z���Y��K}rt�_����'�v��O���;�||ù����t�����ٍ1V2y.�vF23w��|��m*�L����O��/��dt��?~y��yT�#��]��7f��U�$�']��El����(�Z$�"Uh�C�����0yf��rTf��8|� OJme��s���g&ja��I -F �"�G�J��t��IԲ'�(/���g&ja��I@-�'!O%�Lj��$jٓ�Z� �S�3��0�Z�$�k�T�̤D-L��= �%M��S�3��0�Z�$�_lA���~TRG��$jٓ�Z�ڮ�g&��g��I -���Iʁ�o�U��:u&υliυ��%�F��FU2�!�j�l2�"��=�R��Y! Aircraft Installation Instructions, SI-912 i-004, SI-912-018, SI-914-020, SI-915 i-003 Purging of lubrication system, SI-PAC-016 and SI-912i-025 Optional Fuel Pump Assy, Intro to SI PAC 020 Fuel Pressure Damper Assy. This spark plug has been already installed on the following ROTAX® engines: 912 A: from S/N 4 411 409 912 F: from S/N 4 413 102 912 S: from S/N 9 564 321 912 UL: from S/N 9 580 006 912 ULS: from S/N 6 786 601 914 F: from S/N 4 421 710 I agree with Mark, the 912 iS was a bit smoother in my experience over the 912 ULS. You do not have permissions to reply to this topic. stream Email to a Friend. or Best Offer +$12.39 shipping. You get 120hp, a lot of simplicity, and a much smaller bill than if you go for a Rotax 914. In 1999, the 912S / ULS were introduced; enlarged to 1,352 cubic centimetres (82.5 cu in) with a compression ratio of 10.8:1, yielding 100 hp (75 kW). I read Rotax 914 has 100 HP @100% throttle Bore: 79.5 mm (3.13 in) Stroke: 61 mm (2.4 in) Displacement: 1,211.2 cc (73.91 cu in) Where as 912 ULS is 80HP Bore: 79.5 mm (3.13 in)Stroke: 61 mm (2.40 in) Displacement: 1,211.2 cm 3 (73.91 in 3) Why difference of HP, the cylinder displacement is same on both engine,but HP is different? 5 0 obj The insides of the line were dissolving and clogging up the system. Also exists in a certified version: Rotax 914 F. 4 horizontally opposed cylinders, “boxer” configuration; Free air cooled cylinders, liquid cooled … On the surface the primary difference between a 912ULS and 914UL/F is the turbo which allows the 914 to provide a little more Hp and the turbo's ability to maintain … <> From Latvia. 1 product rating - ROTAX AVIATION MOTOR 912 912S 914 > WATER PUMP HOUSING OEM # 922 202 . Why? The "% Engine Failures" is the percentage of total accidents to aircraft involving those types of engines, in which loss of engine power was the main driver for the accident. ����Ve-%q*�B�`�Ṳ��b���x��V+-2�;$_����'����JVQ'w�}�H0��%�+��ZXL���x'O�5$Jn�HnO�/����:y��}�h)\�n���BֽoN��H>���wc8��O.�M�]+�g��)��ζڷ;/p�].��QO��ѧ�cd����-�e���*-�S[5�꾍kN7����~��Q��UT�T)_���R�����b��+ The original 80-hp 912 was soon joined by the 100-hp 912S and then the turbocharged 115-hp 914, while the 100-hp model was subsequently marketed in both carbureted and injected versions, and either certified or Light Sport-compliant. Customer Service Information Report (CSIR),,, Extend TBO Calendar on Rotax 912 ULS 5651249 Series Engine, Rotax 912ULS powered Kitfox V Pre-Buy Inspection, Rotax-powered Kitfox V Pre-Buy Inspection, SI-912 i-002_SI-915 i-002 B.U.D.S. ASB-915 i A-006, ASB-912 i-010 Inspection and/or replacement of fuel pump assy. P���K�*\X\T�rW^���I*���R�3�T0*�҃ $225.94. 950 420: O-Ring 5X1,5-N: $5.52. This series offers a time between overhauls of 2.000 hrs and is available as certified (Rotax 914 F) according to FAR 33 and JAR-E and non-certified version (Rotax 914 UL). Change Cookie Consent The 914 is essentially the turbocharged version of it. 1.5) Compliance RECOMMENDED Engine type Serial number 912 (Series) all 914 (Series) all m WARNUNGNOTICE Compliance with these given instructions can help reduce the risk of en-gine overload but will not protect agains t incorrect operati on and engine in-stallation where limits of operation are exceeded. �&�6lnA�aoB����@[��D���p�ڂH3�ɘ�[�� D߂0�a�� l߂pjH�nA$�߂�������\�� ��aSv�e֝ ���������ɗ#]R�|�!�~ŵB�R�m:�q��u��_�{���{�B��R J��g�6�Q�(% 1316 fpm 933 fpm. SB-912-073/ SB-914-055 Replacement of Carburetor Circlip, ASB on Exchange of Exhaust Valves on ROTAX 915iA, 915iB and 914 (Series), SB-915 i A-004/SB-915 i B-004 Replacement of Oil Pump Housing. 950 430: O-Ring: $2.81. You have allowed cookies to be placed on your computer. PERFORMANCE COMPARISON- Rotax 914 Turbo vs. Rotax 912ULS (100hp) SportStar MAX ABSOLUTE CEILING. ��mee��صJ�Ҹ�F�E��E�/Dž������Ue��Yoj ʫ����M�uޤ�s'/����`ě����=� You might also be interested in the Rotax 912 turbo conversion made by Vz POWER. The company says this fleet of four stroke engines has now logged more than 40 million flight hours — not even counting many more from the older two-stroke line* — and is presently adding 5 million flight hours every year. Reconsider Cookies ���0�&Lx���6�Z_��$��:W�[�jW����7�[�nw����J�,jŻE��P�+ �����3Z�+ ����K�+ � n��1V`�4p�ܪ �q���>l� Why difference of HP, the  cylinder displacement is same on both engine,but HP is different? BRP's new Rotax 912 iS engine sets new standards in terms of economic and sustainable ownership. Free shipping. ��{�����sǡBwe�tǎC����q�?Н:��Kǡ��;t�����~М������h_���K]������>�*x!/_�c�,�:�(3��y$f+z�� +�T�̤v;^L�*\X\T�rWް��I*�XP7V�*�mT�^zP�ǂ����PQ~���ң���~�(?T�ߨ����"p(4�� SB-912 i-008iS/ 912-070UL/ 914-052UL. The turbo charged Rotax 914 series offers more performance at high altitudes while delivering lower weight engines. By using our website, you agree that we can place these types of cookies on your device. Run a … Time Between Overhauls (TBO) for Rotax Aircraft Engines Rotax 2-Stroke UL Engines Rotax 4-Stroke UL Engines 912UL 912 ULS 912 ULSFR 914UL 300h / 5 years - December 6, 2020 Be the first to review this product. U�j,�+J �6*j/=���g�\�F Be the first to review this product. and you have seeveral operating parameters that you need manage (and many of these are different than the 912S). Watch; Shutter for Oil Radiator ( for ROTAX 912 ULS, S2, S3 ( 100Hp ) engine) Brand New. Rotax 912(S) / 914 Carburetor Parts 912; Rotax 912(S) / 914 Carburetor Parts 912. ���ae�,��˺Y`����5o�o���_��H��.��mC���ae��Pt�cc��9S|�6����1|�l��i��YB�Y�������~��_g�agdk����i՘jn����@� ��� b�R��o��M%�&Hg�� :�&HF5�E�iD�����)'r�����M)�ܒ�Փ��R%υliυ��58�H@���iU. More Views. Since 1989, Rotax has sold more than 46,000 four stroke engines in the 912/914 family (80 to 115 horsepower); that’s nearly 2,000 a year. ROTALK NEWS Episode 5Rotax-powered Sling aircraft from The Aircraft Factory, the AVMAP Navigation and engine monitoring system, and the Rotax powered Tucano Experimental and Light-Sport Aircraft.
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