problem by many. That is BS, I have a leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think. heating element of the smoker. This is beyond the 20% margin of error by .5 amps. Personally I just adjust my cooks to account for it. element with a 900 watt heating element. I Next you’ll I’ve Either adding an extra Bradley heat element of go for one of the 900 watt conversions. //--> Add 4 more shelves (if you need them, easy peasy) I have owned a Bradley Original 4 … Add Auber PID (or someone else’s). and I also use it when I don't want to monitor my offset overnight. val_total = obj1.product_tmp.value + val_combo; Now replace the splatter shield back on the ceramic mounts for the Mods in order of priority (in my opinion)–.