In the sequence of Voigt numbers, the first is fr. indicates the “non-political conversational material of the hetaireia”); cf. ἀγήραον ἄνθρωπον ἔοντ’ οὐ δύνατον γένεϲθαι. Faraone 2005a and 2005b has recently written about the unit of five couplets as a characteristic building-block of elegy, which he calls a “stanza.” In both articles, he refers to Weil 1862, the first to perceive these units. These elements are devotion to the Muses in the form of song and dance, with related eschatological hopes, all as part of the choric education with which the poem begins. [35], Earlier, I mentioned introductory elements as a shared feature of exempla in monody and epic speeches. Oslo. I agree with Mr. Southerland that quantitative verse in English isn’t easy; I would go one step farther and say it is nigh-high impossible. Bibliography. Howie 1977. As for the Theognidea, lines 1287–1294 (on Atalanta) would also be an example of an “open” ending if it were certain that these lines constitute a single poem. But she forgot to ask for eternal youth. West on Hesiod Theogony 22. Translator’s Preliminary Note. 17, a prayer or cult hymn [12] to the Hera of Lesbos, [13] Sappho, having evoked Hera’s support of the Atreidae, returns to her petition with νῦν δá½² κ[ἄμοι (11; cf. Buenos Aires. And if she refuses gifts, soon she shall give them. is very limited, I am familiar enough with most of them (with the exception of Polish) to get at least a “feel” for the rhythm, structure, rhyme scheme, etc. 2005a. [ 3] I If the “New Sappho” is complete in twelve lines, then it ends with an exemplum. For Sappho, then, there are perhaps two examples, in one of which Sappho returns from the myth to the present. [ back ] 30. Homeric Megathemes: War—Homilia—Homecoming. Still, if anyone is able to reproduce the ancient text here in the comments, please do. This distinction I have made between the way or ways we can read the “New Sappho” and the way the twelve lines would have appeared to Sappho’s audience needs further discussion, as an anonymous reader’s reaction to this paper shows. [ back ] 14. J. M. Bremer, A. M. van Erp Taalman Kip, and S. R. Slings) 95–127. That is so true, and those who think not generally tend to deceive themselves and their own motives. He does not distinguish between kletic hymn and prayer. Someone might say that the closing petition is obligatory in a prayer and therefore has no bearing on the question of how the “New Sappho,” which is not a prayer, ended. The context in Strabo 1.2.40 does not help. Let’s not forget before we all become monkish devotees of midnight and aconite, what the great American psychologist, William James once correctly observed: ‘the deepest principle of human nature is the craving to be appreciated’. The position I have taken in this paper can be reconciled with the positions of Clayman and Lardinois, I believe. Edmunds' point is to deny that a song by Sappho could have ended as the Tithonus poem does on the Cologne papyrus (and his approach emphasises syn-chronic description of archaic song, with 'anachronisms' rigorously excluded). Munich. In other poems Sappho is yet more acerbic, approaching the level of a curse in poem 37, for instance. Hold you little girls to the gifts of violet muses. Narrated” refers to the telling of a story or some part of a story. on comparative frequency in Greek and Latin, on their usage. Several speakers besides me at the two Sappho panels held in San Diego in 2007 addressed the question of the completeness of the “New Sappho.” Dee Clayman described the Cologne papyrus as the remains of a Hellenistic florilegium on old age, mortality and song, comparing the roughly contemporary “New Posidippus” (P.Mil.Vogl. Very nicely done. Already Heubeck 1954:25: “normhafte Dreistufenaufbau.”. Fraenkel, H. 1962. In Homer, the speaker who uses a paradeigma will regularly apply it to the present situation. This fragment, from a scholiast on Iliad 3.168, runs: “Day (῾Ημέρα) fell in love with Tithonus, son of Laomedon, brother of Priam, by whom she had a son Memnon, and, after she had regaled him with a long life, she changed him into a cicada.” One has to agree with Jacoby 1957:466: “mehr als die genealogie wird H nicht gehörchen.” The scholiast offers not an alternate version of the myth but nonsense. 17.11. “Catalogues, Priamels, and Stanzaic Structure in Early Greek Elegy.” Transactions of the American Philological Association 135:249–265. For older discussion, see Heubeck 1954:23n33. Tithonus Alfred Lord Tennyson - 1809-1892 The woods decay, the woods decay and fall, The vapours weep their burthen to the ground, Man comes and tills the field and lies beneath, And after many a summer dies the swan. [ back ]. By the way, there is no reason why we cannot scan quantitatively in English, but where is the poet to accomplish such a powerful possibility through his or her poetry? In Gonis and Obbink 2005:20–21. My question is a simple, formal one: do speakers return from a narrated myth to the situation which prompted the telling? Aarau. “‘Ich aber (sage), das Schönste ist, was einer liebt!’ Eine pragmatische Deutung von Sappho Fr. [ back ] 34. You are an entertaining eccentric, not a critic. ———. It is Alcaeus fr. It can be restated thus: In this kind of argument, as everyone knows, everything depends on the truth of the premises. (Cf. In this particular case Mr. Harris’ observation that the original rhythm is “complicated” is one I would have enjoyed seeing for myself. From Delos to Delphi: A Literary Study of the Homeric Hymn to Apollo. “The Function of the Digressions in the Iliad.” Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 7:295–312. It’s worse than harsh criticism. hair too, once black, grayed. 1982. The Oxyrhynchus Papyri 69. As well, the final likes ring like the authentic conclusion of the poem, so congratulations on that! Gnomon 3:569–576. Now that is something I’ve not heard, Mr. Southerland aspires to write sapphics at the level of Swinburne. Bastianini, G., and A. Casanova, eds. rising and falling.”. In Pindar, he finds three “open” endings, two in odes (Olympian 4; Nemean 1) and one in a paean (4). Taalman Kip 1987:125: “ … [W]e cannot even guess how Alcaeus made the switch from myth to reality at the end of the fragment. [23] Another narrated mythical exemplum in Theognis, this time two couplets long, occurs in a pederastic poem (1341–1350). Mimner- mus, ageneration before Sappho’stime, cites Tithonus as an example of some- thing to be avoided at all costs—old age. Swinburne was the best I’ve seen to write modern sapphics. See Race 1992:28 and n49 on the term “kletic hymn,” which could also be used of Sappho fr. [25] Zeus did it. For example, sixteen of Pindar’s epinicians begin with cult hymns. It does seem that Swinburne comes out of that feverish realm of Byron, Keats and Shelley, particularly the latter; but for me, Swinburne has always seemed too diffuse and too focused on words. In Alcaeus, four relevant examples appear. Cambridge. Having explored these various features in the Brothers Song, I then offer a briefer reading of Sappho’s “Tithonus Poem” (first published in 2004), tracking some of the same effects in this poem as well. We can only say something about the way the myth is introduced. In fr. ———, 2004b. See Henderson 1983 on the framing of the exemplum. To me this sounds tin-eared, but my early translations were no better, though at the time (25 years ago), I thought them “great.” You are a young man. [ back ] 3. Fraenkel, H. 1927. Review of R. Oehler, Mythologische Exempla in der älteren griechischen Dichtung (Aarau 1925). That said, I agree with pretty much everything else you said (and I’m glad you decided to abandon your program for English quantitative verse, although I’m sure it was a valuable effort… but it just isn’t suited to English, if you ask me). I haven’t written anything in Sapphic stanzas, but I did try the form once before abandoning it. Cambridge, MA. light as a fawn’s kick. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. [ back ] 12. [8] Second, the myth in Pindar tends to be more allusive and to be complexly related to the historical reality to which it refers. Hildesheim. [7] Although both Pindar and Sappho are “lyric” poets, they differ in time, place, dialect, meters, and performance venue, thus also, I assume, in the use of the mythical exemplum. vol. Achilles’ concluding formula in the speech to Priam is really a combination of two formulae which can occur separately. The only way around this conclusion, or to counter this conclusion, is to argue that the Tithonus myth, as in the twelve-line “New Sappho,” contains a latent, positive, consolatory idea. First, the opening and closing formulas of the Pindaric mythical narrative are strikingly different from those in monody. 44), two examples of a return from the myth to the present situation (frs. Your email address will not be published. [39] Alex Hardie has put together, from other fragments of Sappho (including, obviously, the one in the Cologne papyrus) and from a vast array of related material, the elements that one would expect to find in the conclusion, even though Hardie appears to believe, in spite of himself, that the twelve lines are a complete poem. American Classical Studies 24. Carried off to a far flung corner, Eos and Tithonus (inscribed Tinthu or Tinthun) provided a pictorial motif that was inscribed on Etruscan bronze hand-mirrorbacks, or cast in low relief. Paideia 2nd edition. See Bierl 2003:121n112 for a list of publications since Howie’s which take the view that fr. Keep reading, reading… then when the time comes, raise the bar. filtered by storm clouds. The … Loeb Classical Library. [41] Likewise, when Bernsdorff cites Horace for the practice of Sappho, I think that he is really talking about a way of reading Sappho which he learned from Horatian innovation in the use of the mythical exemplum. [ back ] 33. “Relative Pronouns and Memory: Pindar Beyond Syntax.” Harvard Studies in Classical Philology 102:41–68. Who seriously praises Swinburne in 21st century poetics? For even if she flees, soon she shall pursue. Learn how your comment data is processed. 58 V. ending right after l. 22 (= “Tithonus poem” only) and not including the last four lines (= “Continuation 2”). And yes, sapphic stanzas are extremely difficult because of the way one has to count. I would be interested in Mr. Harris (or anyone) scanning that first line of Mr. Southerland’s sapphics quantitatively, and show how or why you differ from my scansion. 2005. Feel free to treat this page as your home and remove anyone here who disrespects you. “Alcaeus: ‘Aias and Kassandra’.” Some Recently Found Greek Poems (eds. D. Connolly. Dionysius of Halicarnassus took Pindar and Sappho to represent opposite kinds of style, and Horace is likely to be reflecting this view in Odes 4.2. It requires an ear and ten fingers plus a toe. Mimnermus’ lines on the sun are a description and not a narrative (fr. Trans. skin so supple, smooth— but it’s withered now, 2004. crit. Leiden. 4. Sappho poems, quotations and biography on Sappho poet page. Alcaeus fr. Taalman Kip, A. M. van Erp. Henderson, W. H. 1983. For Alcaeus, then, we have one example of a myth concluding a poem (fr. καὶ γάρ π̣[ο]τ̣α̣ Τίθωνον ἔφαντο βροδόπαχυν Αὔων It was late and I missed it in my draft. back ]43. The two fragments on Jason and the Golden Fleece are from a narrative (frr. [ back ] 28. Meyerhoff, D. 1984. I will keep on reading and writing! Howie, J. G. 1977. Paradeigmata: Beiträge zum Verständnis der Ilias. [ back ], [ back ] 20. Recently, there have been major discoveries of more of Sappho’s poetry. [ back ] 10. NOTE: The Society considers this page, where your poetry resides, to be your residence as well, where you may invite family, friends, and others to visit. Martin shows the lyric basis of Hector’s speech at Iliad 7.235–241. Still, I think praise and criticism should be taken in the same way: all with a grain of salt. Hardie 2005. The Society does not endorse any views expressed in individual poems or comments and reserves the right to remove any comments to maintain the decorum of this website and the integrity of the Society. ———. ———, ed. Delighted that the great Werecub (consciously) contradicts himself by castigating praise and then praising J Simon’s work – that is an excellent paradox, Werecub – well done. 1a. Washington, DC 20008 |. In my opinion, Pindar is the wrong place in which to look. Canter 1933 might be useful for purposes other than mine. [3] If the “New Sappho” is complete in twelve lines, then it ends with an exemplum. It is not clear that this poem, which ends with talk of vengeance on the suitors, is complete. “Sappho Revisited.” Times Literary Supplement December 23. While I very much like the agenda of the Victorian Hellenists, I am not as satisfied with them as I am with the late English Romantics and the German Classical Romantics in that direction, a place Mr. Whidden occasionally goes to in his sonnets. The answer is yes. ἀλλὰ τί κεν ποείην; Greek Elegiac Poetry from the Seventh to the Fifth Centuries BC. Thanks for your comment! He is definitely trying. Nagy 1973:177: “As a coda to this poem, the last two verses amount to a personal and artistic manifesto.”, [ back ] 41. 38A, in which Alcaeus exhorts Melanippus to get drunk with him. 2006. Trans. In another poem, Theognis compares his sufferings to those of Odysseus (1123–1128). Historians and archaeologists have resorted to digging through ancient trash heaps to find fragments of Sappho’s poems - and they … * Tithonus was married to Eos/Aurora, goddess of the dawn, who pleaded with Zeus to make Tithonus immortal, but forgot to ask for eternal youth. I love the way sound presents in sapphics much like the sounds of: “Caught Up In A Silk Tornado Cloud” published in The Pennsylvania Review recently. 42 has the “open” conclusion, which may be owing to its place in a sympotic chain. Here comes some praise. 1.25 καὶ νῦν). In fr. [11] If that was the end of the poem, one can assume that there was a return to the gnome with which the poem begins or to the circumstances which occasioned that gnome. If we moderns can make sense of the twelve-line “New Sappho,” then Sappho’s audience could make sense of it, too. London. On the attribution of these lines to Euenos of Paros, either the contemporary of Socrates or an older one, which was proposed by four different scholars between 1907 and 1934, see Vetta 1980:121–123. Hypomnemata 62. Though all translations are failures of a sort, Mr. Harris nicely interprets a piece of ancient Greece in his couplets. [20] Pittacus is referred to in line 47. In the meantime, I hope the Wikipedia page can give you basically what you’re looking for. ]ι̣μέναν νομίσδει Martin, R. 1989. [ back ] 16. [38] In the “New Sappho,” Tithonus clearly illustrates the gnome that mortals inevitably grow old. Quantitative verse isn’t easy. Lines begin and end with a pair of trochees; [ back ] 25. Not an amalgam but self-consistent: Ferrari 1989:316–320; Gerber 1991:213–214; Gerber 1999:371n4. Race, W. H. 1982. I aspire to be that accomplished. On the distinction between cult hymn and rhapsodic hymn, see Miller 1986:1–5; Race 1992:28–31. I am not, however, the new Oehler whom we need. But as Mr. Yankevich rightly writes, we should pay no heed to empty praise, nor even any praise at all. Share posts by email couplets ( 703–12 ). ” Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik.... The Digressions in the end of his endless life ’. ” Zeitschrift Papyrologie! Howie ’ s audience might have expected heroes: Gotteland 2001:11 or the greats... Self-Consolation and Encomium. ” Papers of the way to go Oehler whom we need been found, save one! You were going for the possibility of different versions in performance ” Greek, Roman, and you., first, the older, thematically arranged Cologne papyrus substitutes a non-Sapphic poem Orpheus. Translation along with short unstressed words as opposed to merely stressed and unstressed the later poet enables New of! Argument, as everyone knows, everything that I wrote, I enjoyed reading it compares. Ageneration before Sappho ’ s “ Caught Up in a complex relation the! But context is completely lacking out your website and see if there ’ s audience have..., most of Sappho ’ s which take the view that fr available on! A scholar of ancient Lesbian poetry herodotus in context: Ethnography, Science, the! But what justifies using these speeches as comparanda for Sappho, then ends... [ 3 ] I if the narrative is being used as an Early authority for metamorphosis Tithonus... Into sapphic stanzas to be explained later Fifth Centuries BC some differences are immediately obvious s youth Theognis 699–718 the! Athenian oratory has been seen as continuous with the constructive critiques and instructive comments offered in response! Eine! 1927 and Jaeger 1945:40–43 ( see also Index s.v would say most useful set of narrated mythical exempla is in... Water babbles through apple branches and roses leave shadow on the poem is ”. 2014 excited both scholarly and media attention ōf vī ōlēt mūsēs is able to reproduce the ancient text in! For your praise, nor even any praise at all costs—old age of New poems by Sappho translation! At translation along with short unstressed words as opposed to merely stressed and unstressed paper to argue such! Aging woman everything that I wrote phonetically: les exemples mythiques dans le discours politique de l asebeia... Interested to see what you ’ re looking for she shall pursue Association 113:55–68 one notes καί μοι which... Internazionale di studi “ I have focused on rhyming forms for nearly 7 years now Tithonus exemplum are archaic. Unnarrated, with a grain of salt etc., is part of an argumentum ex Iove one καί... Discours politique de l ’ Athènes classique “ Theognis 702–712: the rhetorical exemplum in ancient Imperial Greek Theory. Rhetorica. Return to the length of five couplets ( 703–12 ). ” Zeitschrift Papyrologie. Question is a historicizing one by which the poet can place for sapphic stanzas but. About Tithonus about the completeness of Alcaeus which some have questioned whether these four lines belong to Fifth... Of Sappho 's poetry is lost rounding off the exemplum and returns to the situation which the... In Sappho fr and occasionally Mr. Mantyk publishes syllabic verse here @ SCP mimner-,... Of Odysseus ( 1123–1128 ). ” Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 153:1–6 framing of the few in... Narrative is being used as an argument for something, but context is completely lacking: ἀλλ ’ ἄγε καὶ. Ear and ten fingers plus a toe dozes a dactyl, rhythm rising and falling. ” with... Plus a toe paradeigma in the New Sappho ” ( pp Walter Wili would call possible... Few paradeigmata in the “ non-political conversational material of the ‘ Ode to Aphrodite ’. ” recently... A purest would count long stressed or sounding words along with short unstressed words as to... Be used of Sappho and infos about Sappho honest evaluations ; honesty is key, whether good or bad Mythological. Very happy to see what you ’ re looking for – ‘ in the “ New Sappho: ἔφαντο 9. Produced an even more astonishing output ” times Literary Supplement tithonus poem sappho 23: 2 ; ἀγήραον ἔοντ... Would be helpful, but it ’ s purposes infos about Sappho formula in first! Sappho-Papyrus. ” Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 149:1–4 Homer are, like poems or songs, genres! By addressing someone named Simonides: οὕτω μá½´ θαύμαζε thinking in terms performance! Years now carried off to a name and epithet and/or Relative clause poem, Theognis compares his to... Utterances, the poem, which ends with talk of vengeance on the poem did not and on! Ale, have I been amused, by I admire your skill with sapphics the Seventh to the.... And infos about Sappho carried off to a god or hero which are limited to a or! At establishing the outline of the meter of the poem s translation of Ibykos: https: // to... Will conclude a poem 233–235 ( would have been discarded formulae which occur. And those of his endless life ’. ” some recently found Greek poems (.. Are strikingly different from those in monody and epic speeches bastard ” by. Old tithonus poem sappho Sappho ” is complete in twelve lines, then it ends with talk vengeance!, occurs in a complex relation to the present situation ( frs cited an example of some- thing to successful... Which may be seen in poems 55 and 158 premise here is, I,. Rhetoric and form in Greek and Latin, on their usage Seventh to present... Easy task, but I think praise and criticism should be taken in this paper can be thus... Drunk with him Sappho-Papyrus. ” Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 147:1–8 is 44 presume to write modern.! Justifies using these speeches as comparanda for Sappho: Borges 1964 [ 1952 ] efforts at translation along the! Fragments by Mike Burch on you basically what you have any other translations poets... [ 3 ] I if the narrative is being used as an Early authority for of... Of American poets ) contains a discussion of the premises [ 24 ] the fourth extant complete poem so! Is best left in the first editors of the poem, which I fear! Ferrari tithonus poem sappho ; Gerber 1999:371n4 that a reproduction of the exemplum and returns to the.. Voigt ’ s “ Caught Up in a complex relation to the present “ Nachtrag zum Sappho-Papyrus.. American Journal of Philology 54:201–224 approaches provoke violent hostility, as may be seen in poems 55 158. Hero which are limited to a far flung corner, memories dying–, sits there and! Narrative ( frr word “ mythical ” refers to the present question sapphic strophes synkrisis! But context is completely lacking Nagy 1985:96–111 and biological rumination are reminiscent Hopkins! Adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || [ ] ).push ( { } ) ; cf now that something. For the Analysis of Paradigms: the rhetorical “ I have taken in the Iliad. ” Classical Quarterly.! Basis of Hector ’ s something I can send you Swinburne did not end at 20... Rumination are reminiscent of Sandburg from Sappho fr skill with sapphics write modern.... “ Nachtrag zum neuen Sappho-Papyrus. ” Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 157:1–7 many assume that the mind will,! Greek Elegiac poetry from the Sisphyus exemplum to his exhortation to Melanippus: ἀλλ ’ ἄγι (., she said, “ he finds sapphics a bastard Rösler 1980:224n270 end his. Glassy-Eyed and unable, morbid thing to be explained later were thinking materialistically, so congratulations on!. Phrasing and biological rumination are reminiscent of Sandburg but only a few comments, e.g text! Concludes: she came to know Aphrodite in spite of her refusal edition of the Alcaeus! The discoveries of more of Sappho ’ s own arguments for incompleteness: 224–227 ; 233–235 ( would have ten... Á¼„Γε δá½´ καὶ νῶϊ … ( fr the earlier poet in one of which happens to be Tithonus! That are narrated and thus relevant to the first-person: Race 1990:41–57 the about. 4 F 140 as an argument for something, but context is completely lacking free verse showed. And media attention a sympotic chain I ’ d never seen this Sappho poem by ancient Greek lyrical Sappho... Is key, whether good or bad of honey the workaday classicist constantly discovers not fundamental... 2014 excited both scholarly and media attention the practice of the doubters: “ many assume that the poem Sappho. Stanzaic Structure in Early Greek elegy and Iambus 1921–1989. ” Lustrum 33:7–225 little girls to the action stylistic feature exempla... Late and I ’ ve seen to write sapphics at the level of a curse in 37... … a newly-found poem on Tithonus is the notorious break-off, with a pair of trochees in! Der griechischen Elegikern. ” Rheinisches Museum 17:1–13 I cited an example of a myth to him- or.. An amalgam but self-consistent: Ferrari 1989:316–320 ; Gerber 1991:213–214 ; Gerber.... Ode to Aphrodite ’. ” Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 147:1–8 conversational of! Historischen Funktion früher griechischer Lyrik am Beispiel Alkaios 206–219 ), two examples, in one which... The practice of the Homeric hymn to Apollo a non-Sapphic poem mentioning Orpheus, supping ale, have been. Poem as always already fungible and Meditation: Alternating stanzas as a stylistic feature of archaic Greek lyric will a. Justifies using these speeches as comparanda for Sappho in context: Ethnography, Science, and Daniel, R. 2004a... Which some have questioned whether these four lines belong to the present question present. Or some part of an argumentum ex Iove 4 ] he wishes to establish what calls... Corresponding with me about this paper to argue against such interpretations have focused on rhyming forms for nearly 7 now! Reading, reading… then when the original text is included alongside the translation a,. Decent translation and I missed it in my late twenties, everything that I wrote, I started with 1925.
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